At Chapman Seed & Consulting, we carry the top performing alfalfa varieties from both the U of I and WSU Alfalfa Yield Trials. If you're looking for alfalfa this spring, we have a vast selection of varieties in conventional, Round-up-Ready, and HarvXtra.

As an independent dealer, we can continue to provide our customers with the best genetics, competitive prices, and an excellent portfolio of seed choices. We currently are working with the following seed companies: AgSeed, Alforex, FGI W-L, Farm Science Genetics (Allied Seed), AgriTerre, Legacy, Nexgrow, Americas Alfalfa, and PGS Hybrids.

Need Grass Seed? We have multiple suppliers for a wide variety of grass seed options. We are happy to provide you with more information and are also able to create custom blends as well!

Benefits of Alfalfa Seed Coating
Benefits of Alfalfa Seed Coating"

Chapman Seed carries the highest quality alfalfa varieties including:

  • Roundup Ready, HarvXtra, and conventional Alfalfa
  • High-salinity, low-lignin alfalfa varieties

We also have a wide variety of grasses including:

  • Pasture mixtures for both dry land and irrigated crop conditions
  • Numerous Ryegrasses
  • Foraging Mixes