– Our consultants are by your side from beginning to end

Chapman Seed consults weekly on over 8000 acres of sugar beets and corn raised in Southeast Idaho. We are the only consulting company that offers advice on variety placement, fertility requirements, tillage and planting, pest and disease control, irrigation, and harvest scheduling. Fields are scouted weekly (or more if required) and email recommendations sent within 24 hours.

Our consultants are by your side from beginning to end: We closely monitor that the crops are planted as ideally as possible by regularly checking the planters. We help you keep your crop looking healthy during the growing season and we are there to make sure that your crops end up with maximum yields by checking harvest losses and, if necessary, helping growers identify and adjust harvesting equipment.

Aaron Consulting on Beets
Our consultants are there with you from planting to harvest and every step in between.

Drone Services

We also utilize our DJI Professional Drone to capture high-definition areal video and photography of your fields in need, whether you are trying to decide if a replant is necessary or if you’re trying to document chemical damage from spray-over, we’re there to help you get the shots you need to make the most informed decisions for your situation.

Dekalb Harvest from Drone
We check moisture in every field weekly
We check moisture in every field weekly